Event Coverage Services

Live Streaming


Would you like your match or event to be broadcast live to the world? YFS Media has an experienced live coverage team, with a wide variety of options that can be tailored to your event's needs. The platforms we work with are mycujoo (example image below and click here to see the full replay of a match previously streamed), YouTube and Facebook. Each has its own pros and cons. If you have an established Facebook fanbase then that is the easiest platform to reach them on; however, if your Facebook feed is already packed with other event coverage, YouTube can be an ideal alternative; or if you're looking for the most comprehensive experience available mycujoo's platform comes with a built in highlights timeline, match statistics and a global community of sports streaming fans. Either keep costs to a minimum with a single camera operation or add extra features like commentators, additional camers and pitchside interviews. All streams come with a full set of analytics so you know exactly who tuned in, when and from where.

Website Creation & Management

Are you cramming the coverage of your event into a small section of your organisation's existing website? Why not branch out and give it the focus it deserves with a standalone website. In a short space of time YFS Media can create a bespoke website for your event. All of the news, written features, photos and videos can be housed in one place, along with the fixtures, results, tables and other essential event information. 

Although social media will be the platform for the event buzz and engagement, it lacks certain features that a website offers. You can search for content by team or by age group and once the first event is complete, you can begin the archiving process. This means when the next event comes along, the website can be completely refreshed with content related to that event but anyone who wants to look back on previous event coverage can still do so. Below is an example from the International Futsal Alliance U14 World Cup, which can be viewed in full at www.ifaworldcup.com.


Photography & Pop-up Shop


Does your event offer players and spectators the opportunity to purchase souvenirs? Regardless of its size, YFS Media can provide this service. The great thing about one of our pop up shops is that it can be set up anywhere in a few minutes. All you need to provide us with is an electrical socket and some tablespace, we take care of the rest. Our shop can turn your photos into prints of various sizes, keyrings, fridge magnets, digital images and even snowglobes. Samples are printed and souvenirs can be taken away on the spot. We can take payments by card or cash.

The photos will also be put on sale online, meaning they can be purchased at a later date or by friends or family that can't be there in person. However by taking the online transaction and shipping costs out of the equation, the pop up shops pass the savings directly onto your players and parents. Running one of these shops can also be used to subsidise other YFS Media services. 

Event Highlights Videos


Event highlights videos come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Often the biggest challenge is trying to include footage of all the key parts of the event and the most important moments, when there is more than one activity taking place at the same time (and the budget doesn't allow for enough cameras to cover everything). A very good example of this in practice is the below video from Scottish Athletics' annual National U17 & Senior Championships event. The state of the art Emirates Arena in Glasgow was covered from end to end with different track and field heats and finals. YFS Media worked with the event organisers to identify the best place for the camera to be throughout the day to capture the climax of as many events as possible. This footage was combined with a selection of stunning visual shots from the heats to make for one all encompassing video.


Another similar example comes from the British Schools of the Middle East Primary School Games in Dubai, at which YFS Media worked under the banner of official event media partners Gulf Youth Sport. This had the same challenge as the previous video, with multiple acitivities running simultaneously. In addition to this, it was a three day event that needed to be condensed into a one minute wrap video. The final consideration was the fact that whilst a competitive tournament, it was a primary school age event. This meant that enjoyment and participation ranked higher than victory in the order of priority. 

A sports event isn't always an on the field/court affair. YFS Media were invited to form part of the production team for the Royal Yachting Association Scotland's annual awards ceremony. This video involved capturing the prestige of the occasion, whilst giving a platform to each of the award winners and encapsulating what the honour means to them. 


Sometimes rather than just focusing on the sporting event itself, you want to capture the occasion. Since 1904, the Scottish Schools FA have held their Scottish Shield final at Hampden Park, Scotland's national stadium. For the players involved, it's the experience of a lifetime. The typical school match is played in front of a few pensioners and a dog on the muddiest of local council pitches. Win eight of these ties in a row and you have the chance to grace the same turf as Zinedine Zidane and Diego Maradona. For this highlights video we joined the teams from the moment they got off the bus to the post match celebrations, capturing their special night from start to finish. 

Match Reports


If you think nobody reads written coverage anymore, think again. Whilst photo and video coverage has become mainstream, there is still a huge appetite for match reports, news stories and featured articles. The beauty of a written piece in the event coverage context is the opportunity to praise not just the outstanding participants but the unsung heroes too. The YFS Media journalists excel in highlighting the achievements not many notice, accentuating the positives and ensuring any negatives instances are minimised without detracting from an accurate factual piece. You would be amazed at the amount of times a YFS Media team member has been approached at an event with multimedia coverage by a parent and the first thing they want to speak to us about is how much they and their child appreciated something that was written about them. The below is example is a match report from the Scottish Women's Football Youth Cup Final between Glasgow Girls and Motherwell FC Claret. You can read the report in full by clicking here.

Press Conferences and Event Management


Are you looking for something a little bit different to scale up the professionalism of both your event and its media coverage? A press conference could be your answer. On the eve of the big kick off/final day we will bring together the coaches and captains of the relevant teams and put them behind the microphone. There is a sliding scale of control versus engagement. We can limit the press conference to pre-approved questions asked only by the YFS Media presenter, or open the event to the local/national media, or even stream the press conference live to allow for questions from the general public. Regardless of which option you take, it gives the participants the same experience as top level professional athletes and gives the viewing public a gripping insight into what lies ahead. The below example is the press conference from the International Futsal Alliance U17 World Cup, ahead of the final.


In addition to press conferences, YFS Media is also experienced at managing other aspects of the event. If you require assistance with or consultation on running opening/closing ceremonies, operating a PA system, playing national anthems, conducting a tournament draw or anything else, we are here to help.

Match Highlights


Not to be confused with event highlights, we have various match highlights packages available. This is suitable for individual games or matches that merit a highlights package which takes viewers through the key incidents, blow by blow. These are commonly used for cup finals/standalone matches (such as international fixtures) but also relevant for tournaments or events where there is just a single match taking place at one time. The example is from the Scottish Youth FA U17 Cup final between Spartans FC and Giffnock SC. The package includes a three camera setup with a main camera, an action replay camera and a roving pitchside camera. Also included are match commentary, graphical overlays with squad lists and goalscorers, presentation ceremony coverage and post match interviews. The amount of these extra features you use can be scaled up or down to suit all budgets. 

Social Media Management


It's quite common for organisations to self manage their social media on a day to day basis, but when a big event comes along realise that their staff are all fully occupied with hands on roles and can't be spared to keep the social feeds ticking over. That's where YFS Media can step in. YFS Media is experienced at stepping in to run your channels. We will signpost any media content available or important event information and use a light hearted touch to engage with the audience. Below is some recent statistics from our social media management of Youth Football Scotland's channels. For a more comprehensive overview of how we can maximise and grow your social following, click here to view a case study from the Independent Futsal Alliance World Cup, which experienced an exponential growth whilst under our management.

Team Journey & Player Showreel Videos


Most events will host teams and individual athletes of a similar level of playing ability. However, when the playing stops, it is common for the different participants to have different levels of expectations when it comes to media coverage and video analysis. Some will just worry about playing, whereas others will want to grasp any opportunity they can to promote the team and use video footage to improve both the teams a whole and individual players. For those who fall under the latter category, it is nice to give them options to purchase, without forcing it on anybody.

The YFS Media crew can produce 'Team Journey Videos'. These involve going behind the scenes with the squad, conducting interviews and getting fly on the wall style footage. Once the event is complete, this footage will be merged with match action, to create a video about the team's journey from start to finish. In addition to the end product, we can also provide full footage of each match to the team shortly after each match for video analysis and provide individual interviews to be placed on the team's social media during the event. The below example is from the United States of America Women's National Futsal Team, as they competed in the International Futsal Alliance World Cup.

In addition to team specific requests, sometimes individual players want hand picked footage to analyse their performance or promote their ability to scouts/recruiters. Ideally these requests should be made by players before an event begins, allowing the YFS Media team to capture some creative footage of the player and keep an eye out for their key contributions. However, we can deal with retrospective requests too, if a player has an unexpectedly successful event and decides afterwards they would like a showreel video. The below example stays with the same tournament and looks at United States of America Women's National Futsal Team player Raylene Larot. With the help of this showreel video, Larot earned a transfer to top tier Italian side Sporting Lokri.

Ongoing event coverage


Not every event takes place over the course of a singular day or weekend. YFS Media is also experienced in covering annual leagues and other series of events. We can provide engaging daily, weekly or monthly coverage using our own team members or even bring together contributions from all of the participating clubs involved. Below is an example of a week's coverage of the Scottish Professional Football League's Development League section, from a project which took place during season 2015/16. Click the image to view all of the mini-match reports in full.