Your Team on Tour

Squad Walk Ons


Immortalise the 'class of 2018' tournament squad with a 'YFS Media Walk Ons' shoot. A brilliant way to raise the profile of the players and coaches representing the club at a prestigious event and get their friends and family rallying behind them on social media. It comes custom branded with the tournament background, but can be switched to your club's background for use at a later date. Can also be combined with a photoshoot, providing still images of every player on a custom background too. The walk on video can be used as a whole of squad video, individual player videos or even as the introduction to a tournament highlights video. The below example is from the Republic of China squad that competed in the International Futsal Alliance U14 World Cup.

Tour/Tournament Highlights Video


What better way to capture the experiences, highlights and memories of your team's tour or tournament than a highlights video? The YFS Media crew will follow your group on and off the pitch, to bring you the very best bits condensed into a single video. It's a fantastic way for the participants involved to reflect fondly and for the friends and family who didn't make it along to relive the entire journey. Below is an example from St Christopher's School of Bahrain, who took in Real Madrid, Barcelona and much more whilst on a Trans World Soccer development tour. 

The above example video showcases a tour, where player enjoyment is the top priority and competition plays second fiddle. It's the perfect marketing tool for the school to promote future tours and showcase the opportunities they are giving to their students. However, for a more competitive team that are participating in a tournament, the balance switches a little. Enjoyment still has an important role to play, but they want to attract serious players for future events and need to demonstrate that their club offers opportunities to play at the highest level. The below example fits into that category, as YFS Media followed the United States of America for their International Futsal Alliance World Cup campaign.

Photoshoot with Pop-up Shop


If the YFS Media team are following your team's tour or tournament, why not hold a squad photoshoot and run a pop-up shop at a point convenient to all of your players and parents? The photos can consist of individual and team photos on location or can be extended to also include action photos from a selection of games. Below is an example of the photoshoot that took place with the School Sport Australia national girls' team, on their tour of the UK.

The great thing about the YFS Media Pop Up Shops is they can be set up anywhere in a few minutes. All you need to provide us with is an electrical socket and some tablespace, we take care of the rest. Our shop can turn your photos into prints of various sizes, keyrings, fridge magnets, digital images and even snowglobes. Samples are printed and souvenirs can be taken away on the spot. We can take payments by card, cash or your organisation can start a tab which allows parents to pay at a later date. It is an ideal way to round off a tour or tournament, when lots of squad members are looking to get rid of their foreign currency. 

The photos will also be put on sale online, meaning they can be purchased at a later date or by friends or family that can't be there in person. However by taking the online transaction and shipping costs out of the equation, the pop up shops pass the savings directly onto your players and parents. Running one of these shops can also be used to subsidise other YFS Media services.

Action & Travel Photos


If a YFS Media crew member is with your squad for the duration of a tour or tournament, they can supply professional photos from both on and off the pitch. In the modern age mobile phone cameras are never far away, but high quality photographs capture what a smartphone can't and offer the option to turn the images into souvenir prints. YFS Media followed a number of Scottish youth teams that attended the Mare Nostrum Easter Tournament through travel organisation Trans World Soccer. Below is a selection of photographs captured on and off the pitch, as the Scots took on Spanish opposition.

Social Media Nuggets


In today's social media world, easily digestible pieces of photographic or video content are king. These are easy to share and consumed by the extended social networks of the people involved, or even the general public if they are appealing enough. If YFS Media is covering your team's tour or tournament, our team will be on the lookout for standalone pieces of content in this mould. We will tailor these to your team's social media account, maximising engagement, interest and of course, having as much fun as possible. We can manage your entire social media feed so you don't have to worry about it or just dip in and out when we have something good. Below are a few examples of successful social media nuggets. 

Behind the Scenes Interviews


Interviews are generally associated with top level professional athletes and when a familiar face is put in front of the camera with a microphone, it usually goes down a storm. It adds a layer of professionalism to the club's tour/tournament experience, acts as media training and gives people friends and family back home a great sense of pride to see the player or volunteer on camera. This example is from Clachnacuddin FC's trip to the Dana Cup 2017.