Video Services

Promotional Videos


A promotional video encapsulates all that is great about a club, team, organisation or event in a few minutes. It goes behind the scenes and tells an inspiring story, letting the world know about the excellent work that is taking place. In our example video, we take a look at Blantyre Soccer Academy of South Lanarkshire in Scotland.

Product/Service Advertising Videos


At YFS Media we like to approach product or service advertising videos in two different manners. If possible, we aim to dazzle with visuals and keep the messaging to a very simple 'click here for more' at the end. However, for certain products or services, it is vital to include the information people need to know in order to convince them to take the next step.

This first video advertises the Barcelona Easter Cup 2018, using footage from the 2017 event. It uses entirely visuals to illustrate the selling points rather than using any dialogue and retails a Spanish theme throughout for identity. 

Going across the Atlantic to play football is a big step for a 16/17 year old British teenager, so this Future Pro USA advertising feature focuses on providing all of the relevant information and testimonials that would put a potential candidate's mind at ease. It showcases the opportunity from all angles, whilst not losing sight of the dream.

Creative Videos


Some of our clients know exactly how they want their video to look, whereas others just have a message they want to push and hand it over to the YFS Media creative team to produce the concept. This video was produced for Show Racism the Red Card's 'Fortnight of Action' campaign. The video takes the message of racial equality and makes it as relevant and inspiring as possible to the grassroots football community across Scotland.

Bespoke Videos


Bespoke videos come in all shapes and sizes. Grassroots Football UK were inspired by an American video that pushed the message of parents allowing their children to develop at their own pace and not piling on the pressure. YFS Media took the idea and made it British. A change of scenery, acting and tone made it much more relevant to a UK audience.

If you've got it, flaunt it! Lowland League club Edusport Academy use YFS Media to populate their Edusport Academy TV channel with behind the scenes coverage, giving their players a taste of the limelight that comes with the professional football world. Most of the content is of a serious nature, however to mix it up we decided to have a bit of fun. Presenting... the 'Skill Skool' challenge.

Sometimes your organisation has game-changing news and what better way to tell it than a professionally produced news piece? YFS Media worked with the Scottish Women's Premier League to manage the media for their season launch day. It involved interviewing a player from each of the participating teams to create a bank of content that could be used on an individual basis and then bringing everything together with a presenter for this news release video.

The most asked question to YFS Media by clients when commissioning a video is... 'how long do you think it should be?' And our answer is usually 'as short as possible'. However, ocassionally an event comes along that has its audience gripped. That was certainly the case when Scotland's newest senior club Edusport Academy drew Rangers FC in the Scottish FA Youth Cup. It was a momentous occasion and to preview it we spent a week in the Edusport camp producing this fly on the the wall documentary.

Sometimes, a message is best portrayed by animation. Whether it’s a video tutorial or a showcase of facts and statistics, there’s a limitless set of possibilities.


Individual Story Videos

Across the sports industry there are highs, lows and occasionally an inspirational journey. The Edusport Academy pathway provides amateur players with the chance of progressing into the professional ranks of the sport. For Jean-Guy Lucas and Raffi Krissian that dream became a reality. YFS Media met with the pair to relive it. 


Full Length TV Shows

Despite the rapid growth of shorter video popularity since the internet age arrived, there is still a strong marketplace for full length TV shows when the product is right. YFS Media produced the Escape Travel AFA Cup TV series for the Australian Futsal Association. It took each of the tournament's matches, topped and tailed it with slick presentation & insightful punditry and placed relevant internal adverts & features to make the most of the captive audience at the show's disposal.